I was just published in EOS Magazine!


I’m excited to announce that I was just published in one of my favorite magazines – EOS Magazine.

Widely known as one of the best in the photography industry, EOS Magazine is consistently producing great content in a professionally edited and designed magazine. I couldn’t be more thrilled to work with these guys on the April – June edition.

I wrote a Canon 6D Review for EOS Magazine outlining my experiences with this camera over the course of a year. A quarter million shutter actuations later and quite a few tosses and tumbles, the Canon 6D defied my expectations as it went through the motions of landscape photography.





5 Comments on “I was just published in EOS Magazine!

  1. Congrats! Your review sold me on the 6D!

  2. Congrats. Great testing, review and article. Its no wonder they included it as many will be in the same market style as you for needs with their camera. Not everyone needs a huge heavy FF body like the 5D. The 6D has a place and it serves it well. Use the right tool for the right job at hand. I love my 6D. One day I may be able to afford the 5DMk?? but until then the 6D fits my needs fine. I do wish it had more AF points.Even my 60D has more cross types than the 6D which doesnt make sense. I also dont understand why they had to have a 1/180th flash synch speed for the 6D when the other cameras are all 1/250th.