Sharpness Shootout Part 2


Canon-16-35mm-F4-IS-Review-Hands-On-vs-17-40-sharpness-design-25-sony-a7r-adapterIn Part 2 of the Sharpness Shootout, we’ll see how the two lenses perform at a range of focal lengths with a range of different F-numbers. The goal here is to determine at which focal length and F-number combinations perform best. Remember, right-click and ‘Open Image in New Window’ to see better quality. And download the original files to really see the actual size quality.

The following images were captured on a rock solid custom carbon tripod with a shutter release.

How To View These Images

Canon 16-35mm F4 IS Review Test Sharpness

Before we get started, you may want to view the re-sized and optimized images below larger, naturally.

First, right-click (or control-click) on an image and click ‘Open Image in New Window‘.

Or go pro and download all the hi-res files for 100% actual-size viewing on your computer. A Retina display is of course ideal for seeing the actual quality.

Sharpness Testing Methodology


  1. Canon 16-35 F4 IS
  2. Canon 17-40 F4
  3. Sony A7R
  4. Sony shutter cable
  5. Custom carbon tripod with CNC machined aluminum swivel locks
  6. manual focusing on Live View at 100%
  7. 3 photographs per frame captured, focus reset each time
  8. Sharpest of the 3 becomes select
  9. Cropped down to manual focus point
  10. Export both selects as original size TIFF into photoshop, layout side-by-side
  11. Exported as 1200px JPEG in PS at quality 90
  12. Uploaded to this site

There’s no adjustment of anything. The images you see here could have been sharpened or adjusted, but they were not. The originals are uploaded for you to do whatever you wish with, so have fun!

Everything below is RAW image output – no adjustments.

Canon 16-35 F4 at 16mm

Canon EF 16-35---16mm-Stone-Lion-F-range-Test

Canon 16-35 F4 at 17mm

Canon EF 16-35---17mm-Stone-Lion-F-range-Test

Canon 16-35 F4 at 24mm

Canon EF IS - 16-35---24mm-Stone-Lion-F-range-Test

Canon 16-35 F4 at 35mm

Canon EF IS - 16-35---35mm-Stone-Lion-F-range-Test

Canon 17-40 at 17mm

Canon EF L 17-40---17mm-Stone-Lion-F-range-Test

Canon 17-40 at 24mm

Canon EF L 17-40---24mm-Stone-Lion-F-range-Test

Canon 17-40 at 35mm

Canon EF L 17-40---35mm-Stone-Lion-F-range-Test



Canon 16-35 F4 Review Overview

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Design & Build Quality






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